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  • SWE Spotlight Speaker: Sociologists applying their unique skillsets

SWE Spotlight Speaker: Sociologists applying their unique skillsets

  • June 07, 2024
  • 2:00 PM
  • Virtual

Sociologists Working Everywhere Spotlight Speaker Series

In this presentation, Claus Tjaden explores how sociologists with diverse specializations can apply their unique skill-sets, including subject matter expertise, critical thinking, and research, in non-academic settings. Tjaden shares his career path, which included research positions and consulting work with governments and nonprofits, to illustrate how sociologists can leverage their expertise and passion to make a real-world impact.

The series focuses on today’s applied sociology in industry and non-profit settings. The speakers will illustrate how expertise in sociological methods and training in disciplinary theories are valuable in these applied settings. The series is open to the public but may be of special interest to sociologists in academia who are curious about alternative career paths and to sociology graduate and undergraduate students who seek insights on their range of job options.

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