Previous Award Recipients

Note: Awards were presented at a spring event through 2019. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 awards were presented virtually in the fall and there were no awards in 2022.

Stuart A. Rice Merit Award for Career Achievement

2023 Cynthia Deitch, George Washington University, and Roberta Spalter-Roth, George Mason University

2021 and 2022 No award given

2020 Felice J. Levine, Executive Director, American Educational Research Association

2019 Walda Katz-Fishman, Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Howard University

2018 No award given

2017 Jose Casanova, Georgetown University

2016 Joyce Ladner, Professor Emerita, Howard University

2015 Robert Groves, Provost at Georgetown, former director of the Census

2006 Esther Ngan-Ling Chow, American University

2005 David Segal, University of Maryland, College Park

Irene B. Taeuber Graduate Student Paper Award


PhD Paper Award:
Simone Durham, University of Maryland, College Park, “Not in this Lifetime: Black Millennial Reflections on Extant and Future Impacts of the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

MA Paper Award:
Lan Huang, Department of Sociology, George Washington University
“Female Health Workers in Wuhan: An Obscure Standpoint and Propaganda Tool.”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Yuko Hara, University of Maryland, College Park, “Changes in Family Roles and Subjective Well Being among Japanese Adults.”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Marley Henschen, Catholic University, “Union History and Child Death in the Global South.”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Yukiko Duruya, George Mason University, “Can Girls Become What They Want? Occupational Gender Segregation, Vocational Education, and School Mediated Job-Search Systems in Japan”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Eric Stone, University of Maryland, College Park, “I Do?: Parents’ Marital Status and Self-Care Time”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Robert D. Francis, Johns Hopkins University, “Men Fleeing Work or Work Fleeing Men? A Qualitative Exploration of Chronic Labor Force Nonparticipation Among Rural, Working-Class Men”

Honorable Mention: Joey Brown, University of Maryland, College Park, “Multigenerational Inequality: Childhood Grandparent Wealth and Education”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Lauren Walker, George Washington University, “The Impact of School Closures on Families and Neighborhoods.”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Brittany Dernberger, University of Maryland, College Park, “The Tied Migrant Employment Penalty: Public Perceptions of Military Spouses Seeking Work”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Christian Rafael Suero, George Mason University, “College Internships and the Pathway to (In)Equality: A Study of First-Generation College Student’s Well-being During Internship Placements”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Crosby Hipes, University of Maryland, College Park, “Why Does Employment Discrimination Persist against People with Mental Illness: The Roles of Stereotypes, Gender, and Power”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Daniel Toulson, Catholic University, “Sporting Participation and Interpersonal Trust”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Zach Richer, University of Maryland, College Park “Toward a Social Topography: Status as a Spatial Practice”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Carmen Navarro, George Washington University, “Displacement, Stigma, and Deforestation: The Environmental Destruction of the Rainforest through Development, Progress, and Modernity upon the Brazilian Amazon through Standpoint Theory” 


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Shengwei Sun, University of Maryland, College Park, “Reprivatized Womanhood: Changes in Media’s Framing of Women’s Issues in China, 1995 to 2012″ (Professor: Feinian Chen)

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Ahmed Alowfi, American University, “Linking ‘Frame’ to Discourse: The Discursive Configuration of Migrant Worker’s Presence in Saudi Arabia” (Professor: Randa Bassem Serhan)


PhD Paper Awards:
Winner: Mark Gross, University of Maryland – College Park, “Vigilante Violence and ‘Forward Panic’ in Johannesburg’s Townships”

*Honorable Mention: Kathleen E. Denny, University of Maryland – College Park, “Privileging the Privileged: Evaluations of Fathers in the Professional Workplace by Level of Involvement with Children and Race”

MA Paper Awards:
Winner: Erik Kojola, American University, “Class, Power, and Ideology in Media Coverage of the Keystone XL Pipeline”

Honorable Mention: Allison Suppan Helmuth, George Washington University, “Producing Spatial Networks of Exclusion: Parallel Parking in Bloomingdale”


PhD Paper Award:
Winner: Sara B. Moore, George Mason University, “Constructing and Contesting Alternative Knowledge: Midwivery, Gender, and the Struggle for Professional Legitimacy”

MA Paper Award:
Winner: Elise Webb, Catholic University, “European Attitudes toward Romani People: Changes between 1999 and 2008”

2006 (no distinction PhD/MA in earlier years)

Craig D. Lair, University of Maryland, “Toward an Application of Global Commodity Chain Analysis to the ‘Production’ of Service Work  Providers: The Case of Domestic Workers and Flight Attendants”


Alex Bierman, University of Maryland, “The Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Adult Religiosity and Spirituality: Rejecting God the Father Because of Abusive Fathers?”

The Morris Rosenberg Award for Outstanding Sociological Achievement

2023 Ernesto CastaƱeda, American University

2021 and 2022 No award given

2020 Rashawn Ray, Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland, College Park

2019 Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Professor of Education and Sociology, American University

2018 Amy Best, Professor of Sociology, George Mason University

2017 John W. Curtis, JWC Research Consulting

2016 Daniel Martinez, George Washington University

2015 William V. D’Antonio, Steven A. Tuch, and Josiah R. Baker for their book Religion, Politics, and Polarization: How Religiopolitical Conflict is Changing Congress and American Democracy

2006 Sam Marullo, Georgetown University

2005 Charis Kubrin, George Washington University

The Anna Julia Cooper Award for Public Sociology by a Community Organization

2021 Center for Urban and Racial Equity (Dr. Judy Lubin, President)

2020 Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington

2019 Court Watch Montgomery

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